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Customer's Feedback

Mizuki-san is very dedicated in teaching me Japanese.

When there are some Japanese grammars or words I don’t understand, Mizuki-san always find a great way to explain them to me.

I would highly recommend Mizuki-san to other students because she is very organized and know very well about the best method of teaching Japanese. Mizuki-san is also very caring and kind. I feel very comfortable chatting with her in Japanese during our lesson about daily life or other interesting topics.

I am currently studying for JLPT N3 with her. After having some lessons with her, I feel confident that I will be able to master intermediate level of Japanese sometime next year and can score well in JLPT N3 exam. I will also be able to speak fluent Japanese some day when I travel to Japan.

-Scientist, from US

I've had many Japanese teachers over the (almost 3 years) I've been learning the language and Mizuki-san quickly became my most valued teacher. Lessons are always well-prepared, and the homework is really useful too for reviewing new things covered in the lessons.

My JLPT preparation, casual conversation, and confidence in Japanese has improved tremendously since beginning our lessons!

The thing I value most is Mizuki's flexibility with regards to lesson style and topics. For example, I once attended a lesson just before a job interview that was to be held in Japanese. We used the time to cover common phrases and the format I would be faced with. It was super, super helpful - I even got the job! 😄

My confidence and ability has improved to the point where I'm no longer anxious about using the language in day-to-day life. Going to the town hall, post office, bank, etc. used to be quite stressful for me but I'm totally fine doing that now thanks to our lessons!

-System Engineer, from UK

I started to take classes with Mizuki Sensei from N4-N3 level. In just 2 months, I have learnt and mastered tons of new words, expressions and grammars. She always prepares with adequate material for class, and really satisfies my needs to practice conversational Japanese. In addition, she takes great notes for each class and provides customized homework (if you want homework) Her classes are so interesting, thus I keep looking forward to classes with her. I will continue learning from Mizuki Sensei, and I would highly recommend her as your learning tutor!

-Office worker, from China

I think the best part is that when I didn’t understand something like that vocabulary or grammar in lesson, you gave the effort to make understand and me in various ways. You never gave up on me. In personally you are so kind and positive. I’m always happy to speak with you. Not only for my lesson you explain about the Japanese culture and always give advice to be familiar with Japanese Society. Now I’m preparing for my JLPT N1 test and wanna tell my sensei I can do it by her support.

-System Engineer, from Myanmar

Mizuki is a very helpful teacher, always ready to answer whatever question I may have.I am more confident trying to use new grammar structures when speaking with people. For some years I felt there was very little progress with my conversation skills, but now I’m sure I will get to the point where I can speak Japanese comfortably.

-Staff of the college, from US

I would recommend this lesson because your teaching style is very clear. Also, you are very nice so it's easy to talk to you and ask questions.
I'm starting to feel more confident about my own skills and feel like I have been given the tools to get even better!

                                                                                                       -Office worker, from US
Mizuki is someone who is easy to talk to, a good listener, and encouraging when I can't think of words. These lessons always boost my confidence with Japanese. 
                                                                                                          -Student, from US
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