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~ 日本で働いている人、働きたい人をサポートします ~


 After graduating university, I worked in an automotive company for seven years.
As I worked in the sales department where negotiations with customers and communication with employees were an everyday matter, I am very familiar with the business environment in Japan.


Upon leaving the company I finished 420 hours of the Japanese Language Advanced Teaching Course, and passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test. Now I organize private Japanese lessons as well as group training courses for foreigners working in Japan. 

In my private life, I am a mother three children, each of them nine, six, and three year old.

My hobby is learning foreign languages.
Recently, I’ve been really into making Japanese pastries!

▶Qualifications & Experience:

Took Japanese online to employees of a Japanese company

Took online private Japanese lessons

Japanese language training for technical interns

Completed a 420-hour training course for Japanese language teachers

Passed the Japanese Language Education Proficiency Test

Worked in sales for an auto parts manufacturing company

Graduated from Ritsumeikan University with a B.A. in Arts in Social Sciences

Studied abroad in Frankfurt, Germany







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