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All lessons are provided solely in Japanese.


Mon-Fri,  9:00-17:00 (JST)  UTC+09:00

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in taking lessons for other than business Japanese.

Payment methods   Paypal, Wise

Counseling Lesson

free trial
This is a free 30-minute trial lesson!
Let's talk about your Japanese goals and come up with a unique study plan just for you!
business napanese

Assignment-based Business Japanese Lessons 

▶ Target Japanese Level

  • For pre-intermediate and above learners. (Those with a JLPT N4 level and above) 

  • For those who wish to learn business Japanese.

▶ About the Lessons

 ◆ Lesson duration:1 hour

*Plus 15 minutes of homework every day and feedback from the teacher.


 ◆ Price:25,000 / 5 lessons

The cost of textbooks is separate, and not included in the lesson fee.

​ ◆ Expiration date

      Valid for 8 weeks from your first lesson.


▶ Lesson Content         Customizable!

  • Role-play with feedback

  • Conversation practice while learning new vocabulary and expressions

  • Listening to the news, summaries, reviewing transcripts, sharing opinions

  • Reading articles and learning new vocabulary/expressions

  • TED talk summaries, sharing opinions

  • Editing business documents and mail

  • Pronunciation and accent

  • Presentation practice

  • Business manner

  • JLPT preparation

  • Q&A about grammar and culture

Homework Assignments

There will be small homework assignments for students.

The homework is designed to take less than 15 minutes a day, so it’s easy to study consistently and daily.

You can turn in your homework every day using Google Classroom and/or Skype. I will be giving feedback and advice.


Possible Homework Assignments

・Quizlet exercises for vocabulary and grammar that was covered in the lessons

・Listening comprehension exercises(such as dictation)

・Reading aloud and making audio recordings

・Short “three-row” diaries

・Listening questions from podcasts and expressing your opinions in Japanese

free convers

Free Conversation lesson

Lesson duration:45 min
◆ Price:12,000 / 5 lessons

Let's chat! The aim is to improve your speaking and listening fluency.
Feel free to send me any suggestions for topics if you wish to discuss something in specific.
I will write corrections and suggestions for other words in the Skype/Zoom chat
while you speak so as not to interrupt the conversation flow.
I can also correct your pronunciation, sentence structure and grammar.
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