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All lessons are provided solely in Japanese.

Payment methods   Paypal, Wise

business napanese

Private Online Lesson

▶ Target Japanese Level

  • For pre-intermediate and above learners. (Those with a JLPT N4 level and above) 

  • For those who wish to learn business Japanese.

  • Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in taking lessons for other than business Japanese.

▶ Lesson Content         Customizable!

  • Lessons using news videos are popular. The content is well balanced between input and output. You can learn new words and expressions using my original worksheets and we exchange opinions.

  • Online materials

  • Reading articles and learning new vocabulary/expressions

  • Role-play with feedback

  • Conversation practice while learning new vocabulary and expressions

  • Editing business documents and mail

  • Presentation practice

  • Business manner

  • JLPT preparation

  • Q&A about grammar and culture

free convers

Free Conversation Lesson

Let's chat! The aim is to improve your speaking and listening fluency.
Feel free to send me any suggestions for topics if you wish to discuss something in specific.
I will write corrections and suggestions for other words in the Skype/Zoom chat
while you speak so as not to interrupt the conversation flow.
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