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1: Lesson Types

You can buy individual lessons or purchase a pack of lessons. All lessons are  nonrefundable.

2: Lesson Packs

Lesson pack fees must be paid in full before the first lesson.

Each lesson in the pack may only be used by the person who purchased it.

All lessons in the pack must be completed before their expiration date. (See below for details.)

This expiration date is calculated from the date of the first lesson.

Pack of 5 Lessons

1 hour : 25,000 yen 

45min : 19,000 yen

Valid for 8 weeks from your first lesson

3: Conversation Lessons

For those who want to improve your speaking and listening fluency.

Pack of 5 Lessons
25min: 8,500yen

45min: 15,000yen

4: Lesson Location.

Lessons will be held online. (skype or zoom)

5: Textbooks.

The cost of textbooks is separate, and not included in the lesson fee.

6: Schedule Changes and Cancellations.

There is no fee for changes to lesson time or location, or for cancellations, provided there is given notice of the change or cancellation is provided to the instructor at least 6 hours prior to the time of the scheduled lesson.

If the student fails to give such notice, the lesson fee for such lesson will be forfeited.

I have read and understood these terms, and agree to be bound by them.

Thank you for sending

Mizuki Murachi
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